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Dear friends,

The HR Excellence Award for best Change Management in 2018 goes to Daimler „Leadership 2020“. Friday night we received the HR Oscar!

I am grateful to everybody who supported leadership 2020 so far. Much more I am so proud of my team. Basecamp you rock! Holding the award in my hands was just woooooo. For sure the best farewell present for me.

When I joined Daimler in 2009, I wanted to discover the mechanisms of a big organization. After almost 10 years there is still a lot unknown territory for me, but the overall picture is much clearer. With all the opportunities that came along, projects I have been part of and great, talented and highly professional people I met, I felt being in the right place at the right time for a long time.

What a privilege!

Within the last decade, Leadership 2020 was the icing on the cake. It was the most thrilling learning rollercoaster ride of my life so far. It was beautiful. I felt empowered and trusted like never before. I experienced the power and the challenge of intercultural co-creation and collective intelligence. It was ugly. I received the most positive feedback and burned my fingers like hell. Building a team from 0 - 40 young and pretty talented members was one of my best experiences so far. We were thrown into cold water and swam with the sharks without any preparation. Together we traveled the world and met incredible colleagues, motivated and passionate to the top. A lot of them became friends. You can‘t do epic shit with basic people. That is the truth. Together we changed the game.

For sure, there is more to come. Leadership 2020 had a tremendous start. We achieved big quick wins and realized some fundamental changes within Daimler. The viral change movement is on its way attracting more and more ambassadors and supporters. Watch out for 2019 when the journey to become the new normal will continue.

My Leadership 2020 journey has come to an end. And I am so proud and happy to hand it over to Sabrina von Eynatten and Sören Pusch who have been my partners in crime for the last 2 years. Without their superpower, it would have been impossible for me to push limits and challenge the status quo. Everybody at the Basecamp, all the pacemakers and squad members, everybody who agreed to join us for this crazy adventure - you will always have a special place in my heart. Seeing you filling the room we gave you with so much passion and the willingness to inspire, to spread the word and to do epic shit was the best leadership experience I had in my entire life so far. Words can not express what the last years mean to me.

Regardless if you appreciated me as a person or my work or still think I am a pain in the ass - I want to thank everybody who I met along my time at Daimler for giving me the opportunity to grow. It was a pleasure to change the game with you.

„The beautiful ugly truth“ is what drives me. Let’s make our workplaces more beautiful. My new journey starts in spring 2019. 

See you on the other side!



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